Shot Process

Put your first Arrow™ wristband on top of your shooting forearm, just past the wrinkles on your wrist. Put the second Arrow™ wristband on the inside of your balance arm.

At the start of shots, the Arrow™ points straight up at the ceiling. (Note: elbow is at 90 degree angle at the bicep and forearm.)

The Arrow™ never points behind your head or shoulder during the shot.

As you lift your elbow at the start of your shot, the Arrow™ keeps going up till your elbow is at eye level.

On finish, the Arrow™ points out directly at the middle of the rim. You should release the ball just before your elbow locks. (Your shooting arm is straight at the finish.)

Improvement occurs faster when you keep your elbow above eye level, your arm straight, and the Arrow™ pointing at the middle of the rim. Keep this finish position until ball hits the floor. (Great examples: Kobe Bryant, Chauncey Billups, and Steve Nash.)

Free throws

Point the Arrow™ directly at the middle of the basket over the middle hook.

Correcting the flight of ball

If the Arrow™ points at left side of rim, the ball will travel left and miss. If the Arrow™ points to right side of rim, the ball will travel to right side of rim and miss. Hence, if you know where ball hits the rim, you can always correct your own shot, even during games.

Important Fact

If the ball is always on line to the middle of rim, the shooter only has to concentrate on the correct distance.