The Arrow™ will boost your game. Period.

Just pull it on, point it at the center of the rim, and let it rip. The embroidered Arrow™ wrist band is easy to clean, and it is legal to use in high school and college basketball games.

It is the simplest, most effective, and least expensive way to increase your shooting accuracy.


Arrow™ Wrist Band
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Choose between four different colors for your set of Arrow wrist bands: black, blue, orange, and red. Each set comes with two Arrow™ wrist bands — one for the shooting hand, the other for the guide hand — and costs only $9.99. Shipping and handling is only $2.00 per order for the entire order, no matter how many sets of Arrow™ wrist bands you order.

Note: black wrist bands are legal in high school and college games; however, blue, orange, and red wrist bands may be subject to certain restrictions and might not be allowed in some games. Check your local regulations to confirm before ordering.