* Plus expenses:

  • Airfare or $0.30 per mile if driving
  • Room & board (reasonable prices; often donated by local booster)
  • Global Shot Doctor forms ($20)
  • Miscellaneous (cab payments, parking, $5 per camper over 50, etc., but only on an as-needed basis)

** For a one-day session $200 is due on confirmation and the remaining $600 is due at the beginning of the session.

Note that for all shooting sessions, there will be a charge of $10 for each player over the max per session (e.g., 42 players for 3-hour shooting session = $420 [$400 + $10 x 2]).


Fundraising Opportunities

By hosting a Global Shot Doctor Shooting Session, you can raise hundreds, and potentially thousands, of dollars for your program. Contact Coach Lewis for more information.